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Human wellness & emotional wellness through The Trivedi Effect, an unique phenomenon of Blessings of Mahendra Trivedi & Trivedi Masters across the globe.
Mahendra Trivedi is renowned for his unique ability of Blessing to transform living organisms & non-living materials, known as The Trivedi Effect.
Raising your happiness through The Trivedi Effect! Finding inner happiness is one of the most important factors for human beings to live a contented & healthy life.
Mahendra Trivedi has unique ability to transform potential of non-living organisms & living materials across the world, known as The Trivedi Effect.
Trivedi Masters are known for human wellness & happiness through The Trivedi Effect, a unique ability of transforming any living organisms or non-living materials through Energy Transmission.
If you are suffering from Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder,then you must try The Trivedi Effect that enables adolescents to cope with their sleep disorders, and helps them regain a good mind, body, soul and spirit.
Trivedi Global Inc. plans to enter into the area of offshore software development, IT outsourcing services across the globe.
Rates of depression in women are twice as high as they are in men. Experience The Trivedi Effect® enables women to cope with their depression and restore their health.



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